When people nearby start to call out we have a problem, It makes me laugh. If those people don’t know me too well, they often get annoyed by my laughter. Problems, in their point of view aren’t matters to laugh about but should be taken seriously. Which I don’t, because problems don’t really excist.

Here’s why. Many problems are no more than facts. And facts are unyielding. The best thing you can do with them, is to set them aside. Facts usually stand in the way of a goal. They are therefore no more than signals to search for alternative ways or to adjust the target. People who tend to label a fact as a problem, often tend to pull and tug those facts. They belief, the fact is a problem which needs to be resolved. Clearly this is a waste of energy, because a fact is unyielding, you can’t and don’t have to do anything with it. You are better off by looking for a different approach or a different goal. Even problems that aren’t facts, aren’t problems. Because you are able to resolve them.

In short: Problems don’t excist. They really don’t. People who still tend to see things as a problem, often really have one problem: they have difficulty accepting the facts for what they are. The good thing is: it is not a fact. The choice to accept something or to let go of something is totally and completely in your control. So that too isn’t a problem.